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Retirement Planning

After decades of working and saving, retirement is looming on the horizon, but will you really be able to retire?  Financial security in retirement takes planning and commitment and money.  

Retirement planning is a multi-step process that can evolve over time.  It starts with thinking about your retirement goals and how long you have to meet them.  For most people, retirement isn’t a time to do nothing. Some people may want to work part-time.  Others may view retirement as a time to travel or volunteer for causes close to their heart.

Whatever your goals, you must consider the types of retirement accounts that you have, determine what your spending needs will be post-retirement, and calculate whether you will have enough income to meet your goals. It’s important to be realistic about your sources of income, as well as your spending.  It’s also important to review your financial plans at least once a year to see if you need to make changes to stay on track for a secure retirement.

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