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James Greno&#160;<br/>Financial Planner and Owner of Compass Wealth Management

James Greno 
Financial Planner and Owner of Compass Wealth Management

I’m James Greno, Financial Planner and Owner of Compass Wealth Management. I’ve been helping people plan for retirement, manage their assets, and pursue their financial goals for over 30 years.  I started my career in the Air Force and after five years headed back to the United States. When I flew into the airport in Salt Lake City, I excitedly called my parents.  They answered the phone and asked me to come back to Pittsburgh instead of going to my home in Texas. They explained that my dad wasn’t well and had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Sadly, he passed away two months later at the age of 49.

My dad was a wonderful man who deeply loved his family, but he hadn’t prepared to pass at such a young age. He only had $20,000 in life insurance and little savings which meant my mother was forced to get a full-time job. She even got a part-time job to help make ends meet.

A short time later, as I was considering a career as a financial planner, I realized how my mother’s life could have been different if my dad had done a better job managing his money and planning for the future.

Her story inspired me to want to help others take charge of their finances so they would never face the kinds of challenges my mother did.

And it still inspires me today. 

For me this is a calling. Helping people plan for their future, manage their finances, and give them peace of mind is very rewarding.

That’s also why I became a SmartVestor Pro. I share the same faith and financial principles as Dave Ramsey. I even taught “Financial Peace” at our church. As a SmartVestor Pro I want to help others “live like no one else - so that later you can live and give like no one else.”

Andrew A. Koch

Andrew A. Koch

Andrew A. Koch III’s interest in business and entrepreneurship began in high school in Bloomsburg, Pa., where he competed nationally during both his junior and senior years in an organization known as Future Business Leaders of America.

Andrew is a 2014 graduate of Geneva College where he earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering. Upon graduating, he worked in civil and environmental engineering and obtained his professional engineer certification in December 2020.

After graduating from college, Andrew began to develop a passion for personal finance. This culminated with him and his wife leading a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class in early 2019 and led him to become a financial consultant for Compass Wealth Management. As part of the Compass Wealth Management team, he loves to use his skills in critical thinking and crunching numbers to help others find financial peace within their own personal finances.

Andrew comes to Compass Wealth Management holding his Life, Accident, & Health Insurance license as well as the Series 63, 65, and 7 registrations.

An avid sports fan who has recently developed a love for pickleball, Andrew and his wife own a home in the McCandless/Allison Park area.

Sue Paulson

Sue Paulson

Sue Paulson has worked in the financial services profession since 2011, first starting her career with the Mutual Fund Store where she worked on account opening and account maintenance.  In 2016, Sue accepted a position with Benchmark Financial Advisors, supporting a team of financial professionals, and later working with Compass Wealth Management, assisting with the growth, account opening, maintenance and day-to-day operations of the practice.  Sue resides in the North Hills and enjoys pickleball and spending time with her family and close friends.

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