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When I was in my mid twenty’s, my father passed away leaving my mother heartbroken and without much money. I love my dad, but he wasn’t prepared to pass away at 49 years old. He didn’t have a financial plan or life insurance, which meant my mother was forced to get a full -time job. She even got a second job part-time, just to make ends meet. 

After watching my mother struggle, I‘ve made it a personal mission to help other families avoid this difficult situation. I especially have a heart for helping widows because I wish someone with financial knowledge had been there to help my mom.

If you’ve recently lost your husband and feel overwhelmed, give me a call. I can help you work through the financial chaos and make the journey a little easier.

Every situation is different, but for most people, the financial chaos includes… 

  • What to do with their husband’s 401K or pension
  • What to do with his life insurance
  • Finding out how much his social security benefits are and deciding whether to take his benefit or your own.
  • Figuring out what to do with your credit cards
  • Determining if you can stay in your home

I’ll help you put the pieces together and create a financial plan to give you financial security.

It’s not easy to work through all of this when you’re grieving so let me help you.

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